23 Oct 2019, 14:39

Oceanquest Curaçao is an international AIDA and CMAS freediving depth competition with World Record status, that gathers freedivers from all over the world around a unique spot: The island of Curaçao in the Dutch Antilles. Athletes will get 6 competition days in order to attempt personal, national or world records. This is a perfect place for sharing nice and intense moments in the water, learn and practice, as well as enjoying the beauty of this tropical island.

19 Oct 2019, 14:58

Interesting creatures besides Lobster! Diving in the waters of many seas, including UAE cost, you can see a lot of small but very interesting creatures that have a beautiful name sea butterflies (or Thecosomata in Latin).

15 Oct 2019, 13:57

Freediving has recently become a sports discipline. But the story of people diving to depths without using any special equipment began a very, very long time ago.

10 Oct 2019, 13:08

There are many people that use the terms snorkeling, skin diving, and freediving interchangeably when speaking or posting photos on social media. Do not let this confuse you, as they are vastly different from each other and require different types of equipment and varying levels of skill. Some people may have their own perceptions of each activity, but there are a few generally agreed-upon definitions for these underwater pastimes lets have a closer look.

8 Oct 2019, 17:28

Lobster Weight team congratulates on the record!World Champion Freediver William Trubridge was part of a group in the Maldives including the island nations president who helped break a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people doing a simultaneous freedive.

3 Oct 2019, 18:41

AIDA Depth World Championships 2019, followed by freedivers from all over the world, was held in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France on September 8-15. Competitions in this area near Nice have already become prestigious, athletes from all over the world come here to compete in freediving disciplines.

2 Oct 2019, 15:57

Lobster Freediving Weight has recently redesigned the website! The new design is more concise, more informative and easier to navigate, so that you can focus on the main advantages of our unique development.

21 Aug 2019, 11:22

In the two final days of the 4th World Outdoor Freediving Championship of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) held on August 10 and 11, 2019 in Roatán, Honduras, 3 new world records were recorded.

5 Aug 2019, 12:51

Knowing how difficult it is to achieve just the right kind of weighting with a freediving weight system, while keeping it comfortable, the Lobster Weight Team decided to conduct an entertaining experiment to see how useful the neck weight is and how important it could be for freedivers.

2 Jul 2019, 18:11

This time, Lobster Freediving Weight is setting a new record: the geographical one. Athletes from all over the world, including: Europe, Australia, USA, Argentina and even New Zealand, use our unique freediving weight neck. Just like the sportsmen, we cant stand still, we are moving forward, and due to DHL partnership, we are moving fast and in all directions!

27 Jun 2019, 17:17

Each freediver knows that a neck weight is required for pool diving, so the athletes body doesnt come to the surface, but rather stays in the water. This condition is necessary, so the diver doesnt waste energy on constant diving, but rather swims forward. Ideally, the diver has to float in the water column: neither sinking nor emerging to the surface, keeping a body position as horizontal as possible.

25 Jun 2019, 17:44

On 26th of June, 2016 the Lobster Weight Team has launched on the sports equipment market an unique freediving weight system - Lobster Neck Weight, which has everything you need for a comfortable dive.