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Lobster Weight in Dahab!

Hello friends,

Lobster weight continues its journey amongst the world. This time we got to visit the heart of freediving, that is situated in Egypt, Dahab. It is a little Bedouin-village in Sinai Peninsula on the east coast of the Gulf of Aqaba and it lies approximately 90 km north of Sharm-el-Sheikh City. Dahab means “gold” in the Arabic language; over the past 20 years it has become one of the most visited tourist sites in Egypt. We were left speechless to be true, now we know why it's called the hearth of freediving. A lot of new friends & partners were made there. In the near future you will be able to buy yourself a Full Set Lobster or almost any other of our products in the "Scuba Too Dive Shop" . For now you can grab yourself a test drive of our most popular product, that has acclaimed itself all around the world, the Full Set Lobster in the "Blue Ocean Freedivers", rest assure that you will be welcomed kindly there and granted the possibility to check out for yourself what is everybody talking about. Hope to see you as soon as possible here. Have a safe dive, and don't forget to breathe!
P.S. Here are some cool photos from our trip.

Here is the shop you can find us in "Scuba Too Dive Shop"!

Here is the pool "Blue Ocean Freedivers" where you can try our weight!

And here are some pictures of our freedive in Dahab!


March 28, 2018

EUDI SHOW 2018 with TOP SUB! Come see us, we have a BIG surprise for you!

Hello friends, we're at EUDI SHOW 2018 with our Authorized Dealer in Italy TOP SUB, come see us, we've prepared a BIG surprise for you. As you all know, patience pays, and it has finally come down to it!

We are releasing a NEW product in April, the Lobster Big! For those who have a high volume of lungs, great buoyancy or just like to swim in a thick wetsuit, we've made this special product. New model of the unique weight system, specifically designed for freediving, Lobster Neck Weight can be used for Dynamic Pool Trainings and Competitions. The enlarged version System consists of base 3,9 kg and additional 6 segments (500, 500, 500, 500, 500, 100 g), so you can adapt the weight of the collar to your needs.

Additional to you purchase you will get 7 caps and a special carrying bag

Total weight of Lobster is 6.5 kg.

Attention! The Big Lobster is available for preorder in 2 different colors: Black & Red! For additional colors please contact us!

The first shipping starts on 3rd April!

We'd be happy to see you here, and would gladly discus with you and answer all your questions!


March 02, 2018

Boot Dusseldorf 2018 with Lobster!

Hello friends, one of our representatives visited the boot Düsseldorf show. It was a very large expo with a large specter of equipment and everything that can come up to your mind of the aquatic world. And when we say it we mean it! On the space of 220 000 square meters was a really high number of exhibitors, 1923 to be exact and on top of all that they were from 68 countries. The guests didn't fail to amaze us either, a number of 247 000 visitors just popped our eyes out when we saw it! You could find almost everything or anyone there, from simple weights of 1$ up to Luxurious Yachts of 6 digit prices, and the worlds most notorious, famous or just respected entrepreneurs. Altogether it was one of the most amazing expos that we ever saw. Our short appearance didn't went unnoticeable. We made a lot of new friends and new partners that will help us in the near future to enlarge our product line and move on in the freediving & aquatic world with our product. Hope to see you here next year! Stay tuned for more! And don't forget to breath!


January 30, 2018

Lobster Weight now accepts Visa & Mastercard payments!

Hello friends, from today we are officially accepting Visa & Mastercard payments. We've come a long way to this and now we are more closer & available then ever. Thank you all for being with us. Stay tuned for more. And don't forget to breathe.


February 13, 2018

Riga Freediving Cup 2018 AIDA with Lobster, aftermath!

Hello friends,

The Riga Cup on which we participated as sponsors is over, all the calculations are done and we can proceed to giving some credits to you guys, for this great event and excellent community that you have, it's beginning to feel like one big family. The event was held on Feb 10-11 in Riga, and had 60 participants in it. We would like to congratulate, in the men overall 1st place, Ukraine, Alexander Bubenchykov, STA 8:03, DNF 176, DYN 230. In the women overall 1st place, Russia, Marina Romanova, STA 6:16, DNF 142, DYN 199. And in the teams overall its Kyiv Freediving School, a team from Ukraine, scoring a total of 721.2 points, from which 299.6 belong to Alexander Bubenchykov, 226.2 to Volodymyr Isataiev and 195.4 points belong to Katerina Sadurska, good job guys. We'd like to congratulate the winner of our Full Set Lobster Kristian Mäki-Jussila, we hope you'll enjoy your new weight and set new records with it.  Also we would like to thank every freediver, judge, safety team, and every viewer and visitor, and a special thanks to the Underwater Art Agency for the excellent photos. This was an extraordinary event. Hope to see you next year, same place, same time (I think :) ) Have a nice week! Don't forget to breathe!


February 20, 2018

Kiev Freediving Cup 2017 - review!

Hello Friends,

It's been a long time since we've posted something, holiday season is here! But let's get back to our championships. Here is a small review of the past Kiev Freediving Cup 2017. Dozens of freedivers from several countries participated in the event, as always we were proud to sponsor such a great event and gift away our prizes & discounts. There were 2 national records, one from Israel, Eran Gilad set up a DNF 113 Meters, and the second one was from Ukraine, Oksana Valyashko set up a DNF 143 Meters, which did it in our equipment. Overall there was 30 participants, and every 3-rd one was wearing a Lobster Weight System. It was a very intense struggle, the participants were nose to nose, fin to fin, lobster to lobster )) and the winners are:

1st Place Mens Overall Volodymir Isataev from Kiev.

1st Place Womans Overall Barbara Jeschke from Deutschland.

We would like to thank every organizer & participant for taking part in this major event and making it so much better. Thank you guys, it wouldn't be the same without you. Hope to see you on the next Championship. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!


December 26, 2017

Best X-MAS gift!

Hello friends, are you tired of looking for a perfect gift for your freediving friend? Tired of wondering around from store to store, those endless walks around the city, looking for that one gift that your friend, brother, sister, spouse, significant other, husband, wife or any freediver will like. Well look no further, the perfect gift for them is here! just check . Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.


December 19, 2017

Lobster X-Mas Sale!

Hello friends, we have prepared a small gift for you, a 5% discount on all major products. We would like to congratulate you with the upcoming holidays and wish you all the best in the upcoming New 2k18. New records, new friends, and, of course, new gear ) you can buy it from us. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Attention!!! The offer is available until January 12! Get your Lobster with the discount!


January 03, 2018

Meet Lobster

A team of engineers together with a group of freedivers presented to the international community an unique device for diving – Lobster! 

At the end of June in Turku (Finland), which hosted the freediving world championship, the team of engineers presented to the public Lobster Neck Weight – the weight system for freediving, which has no analogues in the world. The device has attracted attention of many participants. A pleasant surprise was the fact that some of the participants were able to establish new national records while wearing our new product.

What is Lobster?

Lobster is a completely new tool for freediving, not similar to the existing analogues. Lobster is not a collar, but a weight system, which can be adjusted by diver’s needed weight. Lobster consists of the main part (2.5 kg) and 5 different segments (100 to 500 grams). The removable sections fixing system, the wide variety of “weights”, as well as the overall anatomic design makes Lobster the most convenient of all devices for diving.

How it works?

Due to its design features, as well as the placement on the diver’s body, Lobster allows you focusing on doing the exercises. Because the fact that the weight of our system balances the center of buoyancy, located in the lungs, with the diver’s mass center, which is usually located in the atlete’s hips area. In result, swimmer is placed horizontally in the water and is capable to swim longer distances underwater.

Why you can’t eat it?

Particular attention should be paid to the form of Lobster. The appearance of Lobster resembles the representative of crustaceans, but in fact, is the second athlete’s spine.

The main part is made in the form of a collar, which is fixed through the girth of the athlete’s neck on the back. The form of  removable sections repeats the athlete’s vertebrae and provides space for spine. Thus, thanks to the special shape and a flexible system of additional sections, Lobster does not hinder swimmer’s movements under the water, and the athlete does not feel a foreign object on his body, while wearing Lobster.

How we tested it?

In the freediving world championship, which took place in Finland, an experimental batch of Lobster has been presented to athletes, who have shown interest in this unusual device. The participants were testing the weight system during their trainings. The freedivers loved Lobster so much, that everyone, to whom it was presented, has decided to use it in the competitive part of the championship.

As a result, thanks to our colleagues, and despite the general approval, we have identified some flaws. Right now, we are fixing them.

Here are the feedbacks from athletes, who have tested Lobster.

Anette Rafen Ottzen has established a record of Denmark, and then shared her impressions about Lobster: “One thing I noticed about the lobster was that after each dive I forgot to take it off when I came out of the water – it was not until I got home and saw the pictures that I actually realized how long I kept wearing it after my dive – it is so comfortable and that would never happen with my old neck weight (which is off as soon as possible)”

Tomomi Suga Hamazaki, who has established the national record of Japan, also commented on our development: “I feel my body is stable, not go up or down. Supporting back is more comfortable than supporting neck. In addition, neck is not pressed compare with normal neck weight, so I do not feel tighten neck. And, shape is quite cute!! I have made 160m PB and NR today DNF!! Thank you so much!!”

How can I buy a Lobster?

Now, we have opened the pre-order, so  everyone, who wants to buy Lobster, may post their orders. A month later, an updated version will be ready. You can order the weight-collar from us in the complete set, and additionally you can buy the weights-segments. Currently,Lobster Neck Weight is available in two color versions: black and red.


December 15, 2017

Preorder available!

Very soon, an official store will appear on our website, where anyone will be able to place his order for the freediving Lo­bster Weight System and all its components.

And now, we are glad to offer you the preorder service of (insert the link) – we already managed to solve all development issues, and our technical team of  specialists is already preparing the collars for every person interested.

Today, the first improved Lobster units are going to their owners. The first one is flying to Austria, and the second – to Great Britain, directly to theparticipant of the World  championship in freediving, Lucelle Simms!

We remind you that the ones, who placed a preorder on the website, have the possibility to pay it until the 1st of September and become one of the first owners of Lobster.

The set includes : Lobster  weight system (1 main and 5 additional weights), 5 main and 2 additional plugs for fixing the segments, a special housing-bag and an instruction in English.

And since the Moldavians are a hospitable people who love surprising everyone, the first buyers will get a special national handmade gift from Lobster team.

You may get more details about our product here.

You may order it by following this link.

Sign up for us on facebook and follow the news.


December 14, 2017

Discounts on Lobster Neck Weight

For anyone, who wants to buy Lobster Neck Weight, we have prepared a system of discounts, which operates according to the principle: 

“Order more – pay less”

Thus, each person, ordering two sets of all the weights included in Lobster Neck Weight system, will get a discount of 5%.

An order for three kits, which include all the weights, provides a 10% discount. If you need 5 or more kits with all the weights, the discount rises to 15%.

If you are interested in a large batch of Lobster Neck Weight – 10 pieces and more – contact us via We will discuss with you the details of the transaction and the amount of the discount.

We remind you that an online store operates on the site, where you may order the Lobster Neck Weight in the required set, as well as additional weights-segments. Currently Lobster Neck Weight is available for order only in black.


December 14, 2017

Dear friends- freedivers, we have great news for you!

You will have an opportunity to evaluate our products at the same time at two major freediving competitions which will occur on 26th and 27th of November.

These two competitions are: Kiev Freediving Cup 2016  and St. Petersburg Open Freediving Cup 2016 ! We will ship several models of Lobster Weight product to each of these two cities with an official representing – a member of creator’s team. You’ll have the possibility to get acquainted with us and with our know-how, to test it in action and ask any questions you have! Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to buy Lobster collar, but you will have a possibility to win it! That’s why you must take part in the competition; during the event the organizers will announce all the details.

You will have the possibility to meet us in the territory of the competition from 8-00 AM till 17-00 PM, on 26th and 27th of November. You can also contact us by e-mail .


December 14, 2017

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