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XIV Polish Freediving Pool Championships with Lobster!

Hello friends,
We would like to invite you on the 30 June to the XIV Polish Freediving Pool Championships. Where Lobster Weight will be sponsors and we’ll be giving away one red Full Set Lobster for FREE! The competition will be held in accordance with AIDA Rules Athletes will compete in the following disciplines:

Dynamic with Fins (DYN)
Dynamic without Fins (DNF)
Static Apnea (STA)
The DYN session will take place on Friday at the 50 m pool. The Static and DNF sessions will be held on Saturday, at the 25 m pool. In the dynamic sessions athletes will be starting on 4 lines simultaneously (lines 1 and 10 are not going to be used in the competition), in static 5 athletes will be starting at a given time.



December 13, 2017

Lobster Weight 1 DAY shipping!

Hello guys,

We have great news for you! Lobster Neck Weights is now available in stock. Shipping in a DAY after purchase! The delivery time itself is 8 to 12 working days, usually faster! Buy your Lobster now! And start swimming in it in under 2 weeks!


December 13, 2017

Color combination hint

Hello friends,

We have prepared something special for you. Now you can buy different segments and combine them into the Lobster of your color choice, make a flag of your Country, your favorite club tricolor or maybe just a fun and interesting color combination, is possible now due to a large amount of colors in stock. We’ve prepared some photos for you to be inspired with.


December 13, 2017

New release in the family - Lobster Weight SMALL!

Hello friends, we have great news for you! We have released the Lobster Weight Small!!! It consists of a 1.5kg base + a tail with 1.5kg .

We left the initial design and quality of the product, also, the tail is compatible with the MEDIUM version, so you can change & trade weights between you and your friends easily.
The base alone will also be available for purchase, so if you already have a Full Set Medium, you can just buy a Small Base and put on the tail that you have. The new model is available in all the standard colors. So come on and join us for a swim. Stay tuned for more great news! Winter is coming )) Don't forget to breath!


December 15, 2017

St. Petersburg White Nights Freediving Cup 2017 with Lobster!

Hello friends,
We would like to invite you to the St. Petersburg White Nights Freediving Cup 2017. On the 23 — 26 of June, 2017, St. Petersburgs second AIDA freediving competition in the history of the city. Where Lobster Weight will be present as sponsors, and gifting away a white Full Set Lobster for FREE! Competition is held in two different pools: STA and DNF are held in the 25-meter Oceanium fitness pool, and the second day competition (DYN) is held in the 50-meter Olympic pool at Novoizmailovsky Avenue.

Registration fee: 3000 RUR (approximately 49 EUR ).


+7 921 77 88 379 Alexander Vinogradov

+7 921 938 00 63 Dmitry Mazepin


June 27, 2017

French Freediving Championship

We would like to congratulate Nicholas Fourgerousse, our friend and proud owner of Lobster Neck Weight System, with the 2nd place on the 12th French National Championship 13th – 14th May 2017 in the 230m DYN.

2nd of the French Championship with 230m DYN, behind Arthur Guerin-Boeri…
Great Lobster weight ! ;-)

Nicholas Fourgerousse

Credits for the photo © Francois Cetre.


June 27, 2017

Lobster MINI – specially created for amateurs and beginners!

Hello friends,

We’ve got good news for you! We know that you have admired professional freedivers and dreamed of trying to dive like them, even though you are only amateurs in this kind of sport.

That’s why the creators of diving weights Lobster Weight System developed a brand new product for you – Lobster MINI!

Lobster MINI was made for amateur and beginner freedivers, but also for all those people who are passionated by the underwater world. The working principle is the same as for the classic Lobster, except it is much smaller and lighter. With Lobster MINI you can explore the sea and the ocean, you can dive in a pool or begin freediving trainings.

The new product doesn’t have a system of additional weights or, in other words, the tail of the Lobster, its dimensions are smaller, and it weighs only 1,5 kilos, which is one kilogram less than the classic Lobster basis. These characteristics make Lobster MINI perfect for ladies and people with low body weight.

We want to motivate you to begin your underwater journey with us, and, for this purpose, we offer you a revolutionary product which will bring your passion for swimming and diving to a new level! Do not hesitate to order Lobster MINI on!


August 28, 2017

The Moldovan Lobster “Takes Over” the world

The system of diving weights Lobster becomes more popular among freediving communities. And it’s not just words, but a proven fact – the interest of professional sportsmen for this product is constantly growing. Lobster has established its reputation in more than 33 countries of the world, where freedivers loved it and use it for diving. More than that, sportsmen set records with its help, Lobster being an indispensable accessory during competitions.

Among the countries where the Moldovan innovation conquers the underwater world are Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and even Australia, and the list continues with many other exotic countries from overseas. Our official dealers help us in promoting our product and bring it closer to potential buyers. In total, there are 6 dealers all over the world who help us commercialize the Moldovan Lobster. They can be found in China, Italy, Belgium, England, France and Ukraine.

During a year, the team that created Lobster managed to be present at tens of championships and numerous sport exhibitions in different countries. There they have made a presentation of Lobster weight system, and also gave the freedivers an opportunity to check it in practice and even offered it as a gift.

Lobster Weight System continues to be perfected, and the team that stands behind it creates new models and colours, so that you could have the possibility to choose something that works for you.


December 15, 2017

2017 OneFreedive Beijing Summer Pool Competition

The system of freediving weights could not miss the freediving championship „2017 OneFreedive Beijing Summer Pool Competition”, which took place on 19-20 August, 2017, in the capital of China, Beijing. Lobster was tried for the first time at a championship in China, and this fact has brought remarkable results. During the championship, there were set three national records, two of which were obtained with Lobster.

The participant from Taiwan, Alan, has set a national record, swimming 100m in DNF discipline. He used the red Lobster with some attached weights. And the Chinese freediver Seal Chen managed to beat one of the China’s records in the same discipline with a result of 127 m, and this time he was helped by the black Lobster.

The official dealer of Lobster in China, M&X Subgear, presented a new range of colours of the Moldovan weights system during the championship, and brought four samples to give freedivers the possibility to test it. Both men and women have dived with Lobster, detaching some weights to adjust it to their body weight and showed remarkable results and great interest in the product .

The winners of the championship were given a Lobster as a prize, as Lobster Weight System was the partner of „2017 OneFreedive Beijing Summer Pool Competition”.


September 15, 2017

Lobster MINI Feedback!

Hello fellow freedivers, we’ve had some good times enjoying our vacations, the new Lobster Mini that was released some time ago was made for beginners and amateur freedivers that just entered this aquatic world. Nevertheless, we’ve also positioned it as a Neck Weight for those who just want to have a great time in the pool on a weekend or take it with you and enjoy your swim on vacation. To dive more freely and more effortless. To take a long nice dive with ease. We’ve received some great feedback from our fellow freedivers and today, we would like to share these cool moments with you! Here is the video that we compiled! Have fun! Stay safe! And remember to breathe underwater!


January 15, 2018

Annual Kiev Freediving Cup 2017!

Dear freedivers!

We are glad to invite you to the annual Kyiv Freediving Cup 2017.

Traditionally, the Cup will be held in the last weekend of November - this year, the 25 and 26 of November.

The competition program will be the same as last year:

1st day statics and dynamics no fins

2nd day dynamics with fin.

The registration fee 30 euros.

Lobster Weight System will be sponsoring this glorious event. As always, we'll be giving away gifts on the event. Also we'll bring some lobsters with us for you to try on an check for yourself if it's the right thing you need to move to a higher level, or just fall in love with it and buy one for yourself & advise it to all your freediving fellas. Take the opportunity, visit a great country, see nice people and participate in the competition. Hit two targets with one shot. You can register at . May the best contestant win. Good luck.


December 12, 2017

Belarus Freediving Cup 2017 aftermath!

Hello fellow freedivers, we'd like to present you a quick review of the Belarus Freediving Cup 2017. It took place on 28-29 October 2017 in Minsk, Belarus. We were a proud sponsor of the event. Raffled out a Full Set Lobster for FREE! The lucky winner was, Oxana Bergman, congratulations to Oxana, we wish you new PB records and new achievements. Also, congratulations with the Bronze Medal. Best of luck on the upcoming events.

The program included all three pool disciplines: Static (STA), Dynamic Without Fins (DNF), Dynamic With Fins (DYN).

Swimming pool: 25 meters for DNF and STA, 50 meters for DYN. Temperature 27 ° C.

AIDA International judges: Oksana Molchanova, Olga Sidorova, Alexey Serov.

The competition was held in the following categories:

— STA, DNF, DYN (male and female);

— overall result, the sum of points in 3 disciplines (male and female);

— Belarusian national overall result, the sum of points in 3 disciplines (male and female).

Congratulations to the winner in male standings Harshkou Dzmitry with Gold and a new national record in STA 7 minutes 49 seconds.

Congratulations to the winner in the woman standings Agnieszka Kalska with Gold.

We would like to thank everyone of the organizers, judges, and competitors for making it such a great event and breathing more life into the world of freediving. Thank you all for being with us. Stay tuned for more!


December 15, 2017

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