26 Oct 2022, 13:30

Please welcome the newest and youngest member of our Lobster Weight Team, Sude Fidan!

Sude is a freediver from Turkey who, at the age of 17 years old, has accomplished so much in her life, that it's truly unbelievable that she is just at the beginning of her career. We could truly write a couple of posts about her and still not have enough space allowed by Instagram to list all of her achievements. However, let's give it a try, here are just some of the best results of Sude Fidan's young career in freediving:

• 4 times Junior World Champions;

• 2 Times Junior World Vice-Champion at CMAS World Championship 

  2022 in Belgrade;

• 15 Gold medals from the Turkish National Championships;

• 6 Silver Medals from the Turkish National Championships;

• 3 Bronze Medals from the Turkish National Championships;

• 1 Gold, 1 Silver medal, and a Women's Overall Cup from the AIDA Sofia Cup in 2021;

• 13 National Junior Records

• She got selected for the national freediving team of Turkey for the first time at the age of 14 years old in 2019, becoming the WORLD'S YOUNGEST national freediver to compete at a World Championship, then she was selected again this year at the age of 17 years old.

Let's be real here, that's incredible. 

As much as it's impressive that she has done all of that by the age of 17 when you think about it, age truly does not mean much, when you are the best, you are just the best, and she is the best.

Fun fact!

All of her wins and all of her records were done without a Lobster neck weight, it was pure strength and dedication. Now add to all of that a brand-new Lobster neck weight, that's a scary combination because no one is going to stop her! 

Now we are on this journey together, Sude and Lobster Weight, the beginning of a beautiful collaboration.

Once again, welcome to our family Sude, we are very proud to have you on board!

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