Dive like no other.
Meet Lobster Neck Weight, the World's first adjustable weight system for long underwater dives. And freedivers love it for its stunning design and incredible convenience.
Why Lobster?
By wearing it, you will now dive further and farther.
You dive holding your breath. Full lungs push your body to the surface, which leads to poor results.
Freedivers usually wear a self-made weight around their necks. But it doesn’t allow to accurately keep the balance and often drags the diver down.
Lobster allows you to fine-tune your body position in the water. It increases the range of your dives providing a perfect, streamlined position.
Revolutionary design
Inspired by the beauty of freediving, we made sure that Lobster makes you feel and look like one of a kind.
How would you like your Lobster?
You can build and tune your Lobster's tail weight and size with 100 g accuracy.
The joints are secure and easy to assemble and disassemble.
It becomes a part of you
Lobster becomes one with you and you become one with water. It is anatomically shaped, comfortable and weightless while diving.
The ultimate meditation
Lobster diving combines the key elements of modern meditation, including sensory deprivation, breath exercise, balance and mindfulness. This makes Lobster the perfect escape tool from everyday stress.
Size matters
For every neck, for every lung capacity
Most suitable for beginners and teens.
The optimal choice that fits over 80% of divers.
Most suitable for big divers and professionals.
Retire your tire
Wearing the Lobster weight system adds 5m to every 100m dive. It would take months of practice before you achieve the same increase with the traditional self-made tire. And even then, Lobster will add an extra 5% to your performance.
Neck Weight
8.1 m 11.4 m 12.0 m
From hobby to world records
We are humbled to know that our product contributed to their success.
Goran Čolak AIDA The legend of modern freediving. World Record Holder, Belgrade, 2018. Lobster user since 2017.
Julia Kozerska CMAS World record holder, Belgrade, 2018. Lobster user since 2017.
Lobster is a masterpiece. It really helps to stay longer in water. I would recommend it to any freediver, both professional and beginner. Have fun freediving with Lobster!
Dmitrii Voloshin
Moldova Freediving National Record
I feel my body is stable, not go up or down. Supporting back is more comfortable than supporting neck. In addition, neck is not pressed compare with normal neck weight, so I do not feel tighten neck. And, shape is quite cute!! I have made 160m PB and NR today DNF!! Thank you so much!!
Tomomi Suga Hamazaki
The best Japanese freediver
Lobster è il migliore, per la dinamica ha rappresentato un miglioramento tecnico fondamentale.
Marco Mardollo
Have been using this in our dive club. Everyone is happy. Do recommend a neoprene suit as the weights are heavy on the collar bones. Also no problem with turns, weight stays put and the length is perfect for trimming.
Sharanne Wheeler
So far very happy. Weights work out perfect for me, easily adjustable. Very comfortable once you bend the arms to suit your shape and spread the pressure on your shoulders. Good job guys.
Andrew Kelly
Amazing variable system you can adapt easily to each neoprene thickness. Stays in place also at fast turns. Love it.
Birgit Standhartinger
Lobster neck weight is excellent! I've tested quite a few neck weights and this is the first one that doesn't move at all when I do my "katarina style" monofin turn (all the others I had to readjust after every turn, which is very annoying in a 25m pool). I've received it in less than a week and the team was very responsive to all my questions on Whatsapp. So I can only recommend it to everyone looking for a great neck weight. Finally, yes, it's pricey, but I think it's definitely worth it.
Neza Cec
It’s very comfortable and good for the neck position.
エバ レームンデス クルマン
As unique as you
Choose your own Lobster to tell a story. Like the freedivers in over 40 countries, you can turn your own Lobster into your country’s flag for an everyday dive and the beautiful moment when you set a record.