Recap of CMAS Indoor Pool Freediving World Championships 2023 in Kuwait!

29 May 2023, 16:23

The CMAS Indoor Pool Freediving World Championships 2023 recently took place in Kuwait, showcasing the incredible talent and skills of freedivers from around the world. The event witnessed intense competition, breathtaking performances, and the establishment of new world records.

On Day 1 of the championship, Poland's Matt Malina and Julia Kozerska emerged as the leaders in the men's and women's divisions. Malina demonstrated his prowess in the Dynamic No Fins (DNF) discipline by swimming an impressive 228.8 meters, earning him the gold medal. Guillaume Bourdila from France secured the silver medal with a swim of 226.52 meters, while Italy's Paolo Fontana claimed the bronze with a distance of 210.64 meters. In the women's category, Julia Kozerska,  from Poland, secured the gold medal with a remarkable swim of 200 meters. Her compatriot, Magdalena Solich-Talanda, secured the silver medal with a distance of 187.1 meters.

Day 2 of the championships witnessed two remarkable world records being set. Magdalena Solich-Talanda and Goran Colak emerged as champions in the Dynamic with Bifins (DYNB) discipline. Solich-Talanda achieved a phenomenal dive of 263.64 meters, securing her the gold medal and setting a new world record. Livia Bregonzio from Italy earned the silver medal with a swim of 243.40 meters. In the men's category, Croatia's Colak astounded everyone with a world-record swim of 292.15 meters, securing the gold medal.

Moving on to Day 3, Serbia's Branko Petrovic and Germany's Heike Schwerdtner claimed victory in the Static Apnea discipline. Petrovic achieved an extraordinary breath hold of 10 minutes and 2.81 seconds, earning him the gold medal in the men's category. Schwerdtner from Germany showcased her exceptional skills with a breath hold of 8 minutes and 36.10 seconds, securing the gold medal in the women's category.

The final day of the CMAS Indoor Pool Freediving World Championships witnessed another outstanding performance by France's Guillaume Bourdila. Bourdila shattered a national record in the Dynamic with Monofin (DYN) discipline, swimming an incredible distance of 306.60 meters. He secured the gold medal in the men's senior category. In the women's senior category, Julia Kozerska of Poland showcased her exceptional abilities once again, winning the gold medal with a swim of 264 meters. Magdalena Solich-Talanda, also from Poland, secured the silver medal with a dive of 262.30 meters. The bronze medal was shared by Livia Bregonzio from Italy and Spain's Almudena Calvo Bianco, both swimming 250 meters.

The CMAS Indoor Pool Freediving World Championships 2023 was a display of incredible talent and determination. The athletes pushed their limits, setting new world records and securing prestigious titles. If you missed any of the action, you can watch the full championship replay on the official YouTube channel of CMAS. Additionally, you can find the complete results on the official website,

Join us in celebrating the achievements of these remarkable freedivers and witness the extraordinary moments that unfolded during this thrilling competition.

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