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24 Dec 2019, 11:28

Do you already know what you want to get for Christmas? Well, if you dont, its time to check out December 25 - January 03 we have a Christmas discount on all products. Now is the moment you can buy any Lobster Neck Weight product for 15% off.

17 Dec 2019, 17:45

The breathe-up is when we are getting mentally ready for our dive, and relaxation has the biggest role in this process. So it is very important that we spend the last few minutes in the most possible relaxed state. This is why our breathe-up position in the water should not be under evaluated.

13 Dec 2019, 12:35

We dont often equate freediving with ordinary sports. While its certainly an athletic activity in many respects, its not something we associate with popular athletes and competitions. That said, there are some basic concepts and techniques that overlap from ordinary sport to freediving. One is the importance of steady, deep, proper breathing. This is something a lot of successful athletes have had to master at one point or another, and its something we dont often think about until were having trouble with it.

11 Dec 2019, 15:45

Underwater blackout is the leading cause of death amongst freedivers and every single one of the 40 or so deaths that occur as a result of blackout each year are equally tragic because they can be so easily prevented. The quick tips in the short guide below are a must for you to know if youre thinking of freediving or spearfishing this summer.

9 Dec 2019, 11:16

Theres something truly special about the island nation of Dominica. The people and the sea of the Caribbean there are as warm and welcoming as you will find anywhere on earth. The verdant pitons that rise up majestically, the gushing waterfalls that flow in abundance and the wondrous wildlife that seems to peek out from every corner remind us that mother nature is truly spectacular.

3 Dec 2019, 16:56

Relaxation is the most fundamental part of freediving. You can train every day, practice Frenzel or Mouthfill on land as much as you want, have the best equipment, and know all of the theory there is, but on an actual dive, the only factor that will put all of these things together and make them work for you is feeling relaxed on your dives.

29 Nov 2019, 12:15

Why Is Heart Rate Important? Put simply, heart rate is important because its one of the main things that controls blood pressure. Blood pressure, at the end of the day, is what drives blood out to the peripheries, into the organs and ultimately makes sure that every part of the body that needs oxygen, nutrients and so on has access to them.

26 Nov 2019, 18:40

Asthma is a very common respiratory condition affecting as many as 334 million people worldwide and many of those have, or will have an interest in diving.

19 Nov 2019, 22:08

We have great news for everyone who has long wanted to buy a Lobster Neck Weight! Are You ready for Black Friday?

18 Nov 2019, 12:24

Seasickness is one of the common reasons why a begginer diver may give up freediving. Fear of unpleasant sensations may even increase with the thought of immersion in water.

18 Nov 2019, 11:31

After discovering 10 ways to find a freediving buddy and choosing the right buddy for you, you have hopefully found the perfect buddy to train with at your local pool or in the open water. But whats next?

18 Nov 2019, 11:30

Choosing the right freediving buddy can often be difficult depending on where you situated. There are certain questions and concerns that should be on your mind when you are putting your well-being into someone elses hands, which poses the question: how do you choose the right freediving buddy?