The Lobster Neck Weight team constantly working to improve quality of the product, is committed to offer Lobster fans only quality solutions. We have developed a new variety of packaging, that meets all modern trends and is as convenient and practical as possible. A box created with all the delivery conditions will reliably protect your order against shocks and reduce scratches and chips on the Lobster surface. Solving the issue of placing the main part, a set of goods and plugs we have provided special grooves for each of the elements. And if you order some additional goods, you can not to worry - there are places in the package for them too. 

Furthermore, you will find a detailed brochure in the box, which contains all the necessary information and recommendations that will make using Lobster more productive.

Get your lobster at EUDI 2020!
Special offer for guests and exhibitors - pre-order and get your Lobster at Lobster Neck Weight stand at the exhibition EUDI 2020 Bologna.
New Lobster record!
Sunday, February 9th, Cristina Francone has established the new Italian record of apnea with dynamics
Love is in the water.
It is a known fact that lobsters mate for life when they find their soulmate. Get yourself a better half with a 14% discount only on Valentines Day.