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19 Apr 2024, 17:01

Unleash your rebel spirit with Neon Green - the audacious shade defining a new era

31 Mar 2024, 22:56

Dear friends,We sincerely congratulate everyone who celebrates Easter holiday on this Sunday!

28 Mar 2024, 15:00

Use the promo code EASTER at checkout to get a 15% discount.

22 Mar 2024, 14:11

Save 30 euros and personalize your Lobster now. You can choose from flags, matte colors, or any limited edition versions!

15 Mar 2024, 14:03

We understand how annoying shipping costs can be, so you have 3 days to take advantage of this HOT offer.

14 Mar 2024, 19:31

Squid for all tastes, you decide which one you need. But one thing's for sure, you definitely need one.

11 Mar 2024, 18:58

Get your Lobster with 15% off!

16 Nov 2023, 1:45

Black Friday is Coming Soon 17-24 November. One of the most exciting periods of the year is just around the corner, big sales are on the horizon.

21 Oct 2023, 7:57

Get yourself a Lobster or Squid weight and receive a personalized thermos for free! This is a limited edition deal available until 23th October

27 Sep 2023, 23:49

Buy 2 LOBSTERS or 2 SQUIDS and get FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. The sale is available from 25th to September 30th,Hurry up and get yourself the best freediving neck weight.

11 Sep 2023, 17:47

For one week only, grab your favorite Lobster gear at the regular price. That's right, save 30 euros on any Limited Edition version.

19 Jun 2023, 13:43

We are not messing around, on all orders of 2+ Lobster Full Sets, you GET FREE SHIPPING