Easter discounts continue. Hurry up

26 Apr 2024, 23:45

Easter continues to be celebrated around the world, so we continue to spoil you with discounts on all Lobster Weight products.

Once again, happy holidays to those who celebrate!

For you and each person around the world, we offer a 15% DISCOUNT OFF on all Lobster Weight products and Squid with the promo code: EASTER

Grab your baskets, grab your eggs, and add some Lobsters and Squids to your collection.

The offer is valid for only 5 days: from March 3 - 7 May

Introducing Neon Green
Unleash your rebel spirit with Neon Green - the audacious shade defining a new era
Congratulate everyone who celebrates Easter holiday
Dear friends,We sincerely congratulate everyone who celebrates Easter holiday on this Sunday!
Use the promo code EASTER at checkout to get a 15% discount.