20 Oct 2021, 10:24

This Halloween has inspired us to create something special for freedivers, who love this holiday and want something terrrrriblly new!

27 Sep 2021, 17:11

Starting from today you can get our lovely LOBSTER branded T-Shirt while BUYING any Lobster Neck Weight full set!

23 Sep 2021, 16:03

Lobster Neck Weight continues his sponsorship trip and this time we sponsor AIDA Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2021

26 Aug 2021, 17:09

Year 2021 became the time of acknowledgement for all of us - from personal to global.

19 Aug 2021, 17:50

We know that you are waiting for our Black Friday deal! But November is so far away and you want to be prepared for your pool trainings season in time with a best freediving neck weight on a super price!

11 Aug 2021, 16:54

By this one, in order to have an excellent and productive training it takes:

12 Jul 2021, 9:53

We are happy to continue informing you about our success and success of freedivers who use Lobster Neckweight!

5 Jul 2021, 13:26

Lobster Team was happy to sponsor the event and were sure the freediving community will grow fast in Hong Kong.

30 Jun 2021, 2:27

Please meet our dealer from Japan, Hiroshi Sekito.

28 Jun 2021, 18:12

Taiwan, Germany, HONG KONG, USA, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic, Australia

28 Jun 2021, 11:51

Today, beginners have an excellent opportunity to try themselves in competitive freediving and professional freedivers can set their improved results.

25 Jun 2021, 18:05

That was a perfect race, challenging and hard-fought ... everything an athlete can hope for to make a dream come true!