New LOBSTER WEIGHT Exclusive Dealer in Poland - One Breath Freediving School

29 Apr 2022, 17:43

We already introduced you to some of our ambassadors, and we will continue doing that, with that, we would like to introduce you to Lobster Weight dealers, the people that make sure you have a Lobster around your area, the people that are as passionate about this wild sport called freediving, as we all are!

Today we present to you, the founder and the main instructor at the 

One Breath Freediving School in Krakow, Poland:

Sylwester Wójcik, CMAS ** Freediving, and Underwater Hunting Instructor.

Here are a couple of words from the main man himself: "Freediving is our passion. I have been running a freediving section in Krakow since 2007. Our students are both freediving adepts and medalists of the Polish Championships, Polish record-holders, members of the Polish National Team in freediving, Polish representatives at the World Championships or freediving instructors. I share my freediving knowledge with joy and openness, spreading my passion for the underwater world."

If you live in Poland and you would love to get yourself a Lobster neck weight, this is the place to go

You can find the boys and the girls of One Breath Freediving School in Krakov, wearing the Lobster neck weights during every training session and competition. We encourage you to learn more about them and their success.

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