Squid SPORT Weight

Squid SPORT Weight

Innovative and the only adjustable Neck Weight system for deep dives. Squid is meticulously crafted to facilitate deeper, faster, and safer dives. After launching the first version of Squid for professional athletes, we saw a greater need to make our unique neck weight heavier. So now, continuing the Lobster philosophy, the Squid SPORT Weight is the next weight system with variation from 0.8 to 1.6 kg of the same device, that is suitable for various disciplines and different diving conditions. The SPORT version of Squid Weight was specially designed to remain ergonomic and seamless and become as heavier as possible in the current form.

We only changed the segment to a slightly larger size and weight, so now you can build and customize your Squid weight size with 80g accuracy. Adjust your deep weight system from 800g to 1.600g with ONE device.

Squid guarantees the most comfortable fit during open water dives.
We kept the one base form that suits, sits securely on the neck can be easily adjusted to different neck circumferences and is so comfortable for every freediver* who tried it.
*according to the results of practical tests with more than 200 professional freedivers

The difference between Squid PRO Weight and Squid SPORT Weight is only in the weight and measurements of the weight segments.

For additional confidence, the kit includes a durable nylon strap that allows you to fix the neck weight through the magnets integrated into the edges of the bottom of the Squid base.
Squid set consists of a base 0.8 kg and 10 segments of 80 g each, so you can adapt the neck weight to your current needs.