Few things can make you feel as free and united with the world around you as freediving.

This amazing emotions are so deep and pure as being in love!
And really, we are falling in love with freediving with every held breath and every longer dive.

There are many reasons why freediving is amazing:

- you can experience the ultimate feeling of freedom;

- master your body and mind;

- it helps finding harmony and tranquility;

- you manage stress and negativeness;

- increase fitness performances while diving longer and faster.

So, all these changes you as an athlete and as a developing person, that's for sure deserves respect and admiration.
And we are proud that Lobsterweight helpes you do what you really love better!

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Fall in love with freediving with Lobster.

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Lobsterweight at AIDA 15th Serbian Open Freediving Championship
We are happy that Freediving events are ON despite the COVID and all the restrictions!This year, we are happy that Lobsterweight is sponsoring AIDA 15th Serbian Open.
What Record Holders and Champions say about Lobster
They are great and we love them, because they all crush everything they do. Here are some of the latest and the greaters reviews from nomitated freedivers all over the world