We continue informing you about our dealers!

30 Jun 2021, 2:27

We continue informing you about our dealers! Please meet our dealer from Japan, Hiroshi Sekito. 

Diving school and PADI 5star ID center NAMIYOI KUJIRA (OSAKA JAPAN) 

They will offer you: Apnea Academy Freediving Course, Apnea Academy Asia Skindivinng Course,

(Invited AA Freeidiving instructor Misuzu Okamoto)


Hiroshi has become our dealer a while ago and has Lobster Neck Weight in his shop, so if you are from Japan and never saw Lobster Neck Weight feel free to visit Hiroshi and see, touch, try as well as make your decision on buying your own Lobster Neck Weight which is available in different countries, as well as Japan Flag color.

No tricks, just treats! Lobster Halloween Limited Edition
This Halloween has inspired us to create something special for freedivers, who love this holiday and want something terrrrriblly new!
Are you ready for the gifts?
Starting from today you can get our lovely LOBSTER branded T-Shirt while BUYING any Lobster Neck Weight full set!
Lobster Weight at AIDA Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2021
Lobster Neck Weight continues his sponsorship trip and this time we sponsor AIDA Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2021