St. Petersburg White Nights Freediving Cup 2017 with Lobster!

27 Jun 2017, 9:59

Hello friends,
We would like to invite you to the St. Petersburg White Nights Freediving Cup 2017. On the 23 — 26 of June, 2017, St. Petersburgs second AIDA freediving competition in the history of the city. Where Lobster Weight will be present as sponsors, and gifting away a white Full Set Lobster for FREE! Competition is held in two different pools: STA and DNF are held in the 25-meter Oceanium fitness pool, and the second day competition (DYN) is held in the 50-meter Olympic pool at Novoizmailovsky Avenue.

Registration fee: 3000 RUR (approximately 49 EUR ).


[email protected]

+7 921 77 88 379 Alexander Vinogradov

+7 921 938 00 63 Dmitry Mazepin

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