Our Freediving Journey continues!

20 Apr 2022, 15:33

First wins, first accomplishments, everything is a first. Probably, the most intriguing thing we found out about our bodies is the ease of acceptance, challenges that seemed impossible at first are quite possible after all, and this is just the beginning.  

One of the most important things that are taught at a freediving course is the need for a training partner. It's quite a blessing to have this team, not only to be there for safety reasons but also as an inspiration. We are all so different, but there, for the time of that training session, we are one, and it's quite beautiful to see. 

From the first lesson, it became clear that without professional equipment, you will not feel as confident as you can be in the water. We took some fins for rent, the company sorted us with wetsuits, and of course, after a bit of practice, we started using the Lobster neck weight. By the way, a good nose clip is a must as well at the beginning.

It is still weird to remember and automatically give the protocol after the dive and say the famous phrase "Don’t touch me, I'm ok", but we feel that soon this will be our mantra!

And right from the first lesson, we started to put on some Lobster weights, and instantly it felt better, performance-wise and comfortability, right from the Basic course. It gives you the confidence you need at the begging, to keep performing well and it allows you to set some realistic goals from training to training!

In the next lesson, we will learn how to turn around in fins, we are now swimming around 25-30 meters in one breath, and this is such an inspiring result for us!

There is a lot of learning left to do, we have to get to know our bodies and minds like never before, and that's quite exciting! Support us, we are now more inspired than ever!

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