We continue making our customers happy by bringing the good news: we have updated the availability of our bags and now you can again purchase a case for your Lobster in one of two colors: black or red.

For Lobser bags manufacturing, we use more durable materials, which makes theem more reliable. 

Now you can have one of these at an affordable price: only 10 EUR per unit. Besides that, the bag became a little bit bigger, so your  Lobster Neckweight fullset of any size fits in a new bag perfectly!

If you haven't had the chance to buy the updated Lobster Bag before, this is the perfect time!

Enjoy your shopping!

Present you deserve: a Lobster Bag for free!
From now on and till the end of February 2021 we offer a free Lobster bag for all Lobster Neckweight full set orders of any size and color for FREE.
Lobsterweight at AIDA 15th Serbian Open Freediving Championship
We are happy that Freediving events are ON despite the COVID and all the restrictions!This year, we are happy that Lobsterweight is sponsoring AIDA 15th Serbian Open.
What Record Holders and Champions say about Lobster
They are great and we love them, because they all crush everything they do. Here are some of the latest and the greaters reviews from nomitated freedivers all over the world