CMAS Indoor Freediving World Championship 2022. NEW WORLD RECORDS. Part 1

16 Jun 2022, 17:30

Here we are, at the end of an amazing tournament that saw some of the greatest performances in the history of this wonderful sport.

Records were broken, and champions were made. 

Let's get a quick recap of the entire tournament and its highlights.

We started on day one with a new World Record from Julia Kozerska 🇵🇱

 in the  DNF - Dynamic without fins discipline with an impressive  210m dive

We didn't have to wait too long for another World Record as Casper Marti-Beckmann 🇩🇰 decided to establish 2 new world records with a 103-meter dive DNF, and a 143,9m dive DBF in the special needs category.  WHAT A CHAMPION!

Very proud of him and his accomplishments. A great example to all of us!

The next in line was Bourdila Guillaume 🇫🇷 who broke the Men's WR in DBF - Dynamic with bi-fins with a distance of 274,7m. 

Lots of NEW World Records, and that's just a testament to the hard work these athletes put in every single day.

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AIDA World Championship Burgas, Bulgaria DAY 2 RESULTS.
Second day of the tournament and we have some NEW WORLD RECORDS.