On day 3 (Saturday, August 10), corresponding to the Constant Weight Bifins (CWTB) event, the Ukrainian Nataliia Zharkova 🇺🇦 broke her own -91 world record held days ago in the Caribbean Cup, by achieving a depth of – 93 meters.

The event was held from August 6 to 12, 2019 with the participation of 60 freedivers from 24 countries and 5 continents under the organization of Roatan Freediving School and Training Center and had the important support of the Honduran Institute of Tourism and Country Brand.

Lobster Company congratulates Nataliia, for her stellar performance and we are excited to see she choses our weight-system to help her achieve such amazing results.

Source: www.sportalsub.net

Freediving Neck Weight Systems Testing
Knowing how difficult it is to achieve just the right kind of weighting with a freediving weight system, while keeping it comfortable, the Lobster Weight Team decided to conduct an entertaining experiment to see how useful the neck weight is and how important it could be for freedivers.
LOBSTER in the world
This time, Lobster Freediving Weight is setting a new record: the geographical one. Athletes from all over the world, including: Europe, Australia, USA, Argentina and even New Zealand, use our unique freediving weight neck. Just like the sportsmen, we cant stand still, we are moving forward, and due to DHL partnership, we are moving fast and in all directions!
Is there a problem with the self-made freediving neck weights?
Each freediver knows that a neck weight is required for pool diving, so the athletes body doesnt come to the surface, but rather stays in the water. This condition is necessary, so the diver doesnt waste energy on constant diving, but rather swims forward. Ideally, the diver has to float in the water column: neither sinking nor emerging to the surface, keeping a body position as horizontal as possible.