The Silesia Freediving Pool Cup 2017!

Hello fellow freedivers, we would like to invite you to the upcoming event that we'll be sponsoring. The Silesia Freediving Pool Cup 2017. It will be held on December 1st and 2nd 2017 at the swimming pool in Rybnik – Boguszowice. This glorious event will be loaded with people from all around the world. Tons of professional freedivers , judges & staff. All together will combine for a memorable event that you won't want to miss.

The competition will be held in accordance with AIDA Rules Athletes will compete in the following disciplines::

Dynamic with Fins (DYN)

Dynamic without Fins (DNF)

Static Apnea (STA)

In order to be classified in the overall ranking and/or team ranking a diver must compete in all three disciplines. Static sessions will take place on Saturday, while the two dynamic disciplines will be held on Friday and Saturday (the competitors can decide the order in which they want to participate).

In order to earn points in the team ranking, there has to be at least one woman among three competitors in any given team. This rule was introduced to promote freediving among women, and therefore freedivers competing in teams will be awarded the most valuable prizes. Good Luck! Stay safe & ay the best competitor win!

You can register for the competition here!