Dive like no other
Meet Lobster XS - Fixed Weight Lobster.
Simple & so functional.
Why Lobster?
Lobster XS is designed for perfect pool trainings both for rookies and training athletes who are comfortable using fixed weights and who appreciate simplicity, convenience and incomparable quality of Lobster. From the creators of the legendary adjustable freediving neck weight system Lobster Weight.
You dive holding your breath. Full lungs push your body to the surface, which leads to poor results.
Freedivers usually wear a self-made weight around their necks. But it doesn’t allow to accurately keep the balance and often drags the diver down.
Lobster allows you to fine-tune your body position in the water. It increases the range of your dives providing a perfect, streamlined position.
Freediving seems to be difficult before you try it. Starting with Lobster XS you'll see the progress and get your first own records from the first training session. Freediving is all about you and your wish, Lobster XS just helps you discover new possibilities of your body and mind easier and faster.
Revolutionary design
Authentic to its original design, Lobster XS was inspired by the beauty of freediving. It is a part of Lobster philosophy and it takes the best from it. With its simplicity XS gives your the same unique feeling of realization and right state of mind. makes you feel and look like one of a kind.
It becomes a part of you
Lobster XS becomes one with you and you become one with water. It is anatomically shaped, comfortable and weightless while diving.
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Lobster XS
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The ultimate meditation
Lobster diving combines the key elements of modern meditation, including sensory deprivation, breath exercise, balance and mindfulness. This makes Lobster the perfect tool for self-immersion and escape from everyday stress.
Size matters
For creating the XS weight line we analyzed the buoyancy compensation needs of over 700 freedivers who completed the Basic Course. Now you can choose one of the 3 most popular weights for any body shape and lung capacity.
Choose your color
As traditional Lobster Weight system, XS comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose your favorite one and create your stylish freediving look that will inspire you to keep practicing and developping.
Lobster XS
From €109.00 SHOP NOW