Dive deep like no other
With Squid you can dive deeper in open water with maximum comfort
Does not bump into Adam’s apple
Does not fetter the shoulders
Ensures comfortable in streamline position
50g weight adjustance for any dive needs
Does not hinder during the equalization process
Has smooth contact with skin or wetsuit
Why Squid?

Squid guarantees the most comfortable fit during open water dives. Squid does not kick the chin or the back of the head of the freediver while descending or changing the body position.


‍When diving or coming up, Squid is tightly secured to the freediver’s jaw, thereby preventing it from hovering and twisting when the body position changes.

Unique weight system
You can build and tune your Squid weight with 50g accuracy. Adjust your own deep weight system from 0.8kg till 1.3kg with ONE device.
Squid can be easily adjusted to different neck circumferences. This size fits more than 95%* of athelets.
*according to the results of practical tests with more than 200 professional freedivers
A miracle of engineering

You can use 10 insertable weights to adjust your Squid to the weight perfectly suitable for you.

Discover charming depths with NEW Squid
€199.99 ORDER
Choose your color
Squid comes in a wide variety of colors. The customization offers the possibility to create your own unique model for a stylish personalized design.
With maximum comfort and efficiency
Our technical experts have created a unique anatomical shape that does not compress the Adam’s apple region and remains stationary when the body position changes.