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Benefits of working with Lobster Neck Weight:

  • The Lobster neck weight is the most popular weight system on the market confirmed annually by numerous National, World and even Guinness records.
  • We offer a profitable system of discounts for dealers and are always interested in making it most profitable for you to work with our product.
  • By introducing the Lobsterweight products in your assortment, you will expand the range with the best product in the premium freediving gears segment.
  • Working with Lobsterweight, you will be involved in product innovation and freediving development around the world and in particular in your country.
  • Lobsterweight has a top athlete as our brand ambassador in all top countries according to freediving market size and the number of Lobster Team members is growing every day.
  • Lobsterweight company has a quick and professional support team. We will review your request and be happy to assist you individually.
  • We select the optimal supply volumes so that logistics costs are minimal, and deliveries are as fast and safe as possible.
  • We are ready to offer the most loyal, profitable and realistic conditions for exclusive dealership, taking into account the potential of your particular region or country market size.
  • Lobsterweight marketing department has a separate branch for advertising the dealers, allocates a marketing budget for joint promotions and campaigns and local advertisment of your store
  • Lobsterweight Warranty Policy  supports dealers and provide the fastest possible resolution of any warranty cases depending on each claim case. We will do everything to ensure that your customer is always satisfied with the experience of buying from you.
  • All inquiries about purchasing Lobsterweight products from your country or region from direct customers to our support and sales managers will always be directed to your store. We are interested in your development and growth.
  • All our new and innovative products will be available for pre-order before they appear in the official sale in our online store.

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Fill the form and send it. We will, then, contact you as soon as possible with wholesale prices, lead times and all further info required to proceed. Or you can email us - [email protected]. We will be happy to work with you, developing the freediving community in your country and increasing the number of record holders together!