Lobster ID Token


Experience the zenith of elegance with the Lobster ID Token—a timeless and personalized tribute to your freediving triumphs. From personal bests to national or world records, each moment captured symbolizes dedication and continuous development, making it the perfect personalized gift for any freediver.

Lobster Token:

 - Customisable text or design on one side

 - Lobster logo on another side

 - Practical chain with adjustable length

 Description and materials:

 - 20 grams of 925 sterling silver

 - Handcrafted 

 - Laser engraving

 - Stainless steel long chain included

After purchase, fill out this form and specify requested text on the token -https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdHCWM3pbYaKOSQphtqtGL9UsLRrMZUZLdVDoYEha9559NWlQ/viewform

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