Lobster Nose Clip


Meet NEW Lobster Nose Clip - the only nose clip that was designed considering the anatomical features and differences in the shape of the noses.

The Lobster Nose Clip is the world's first clip that takes into account the anatomical and anthropometric features of the freedivers' noses from all continents. We all love freediving equally, but at the same time, we are all so different that just one nose clip model cannot suit everyone.

- Comfortable fit allows secure equalization

- 4 unique anatomical shapes for a truly perfect fit

- Covers the nostril without pressing the bone

- Durable materials of outstanding quality

- Sleek design for ideal hydrodynamics

- Tight enough to hold securely

Lobster Nose Clip is tight enough to fit securely without falling off, small enough to be hydrodynamic, stylish enough to be considered as jewelry and not just a needed gear, and individualized enough to have a perfect fit for any freediver all over the world.

Details & Materials:

• Metal parts: silver-plated or bronze alloy

• Pads: felt (100% wool) connected by Loctite® glue (extra set of pads included)

• Lightweight nylon weave cord

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