Squid Base

Squid Base


Squid Basis meticulously crafted to facilitate deeper, faster, and safer dives. Continuing the Lobster philosophy

Squid Base guarantees the most comfortable fit during open water dives. The neck weight does not kick the chin or the back of the head of the freediver while descending or changing the body position. And it is absolutely stable during the turns.

Squid Base has an impeccable ergonomic contouring around your neck. Its adaptability is so impeccable that it practically vanishes from your awareness.

The neck weight sits securely on the neck and can be easily adjusted to different neck circumferences. This size fits more than 95%* of athelets.

For additional confidence, the kit includes a silicone strap that allows you to fix the neck weight through the extreme holes for the segments. At the same time, it fully meets the safety requirements for quickly weights removing.

*according to the results of practical tests with more than 200 professional freedivers