Lobster XS - Large Red

Lobster XS - Large Red


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Lobster XS is located closer to the point around which the buoyancy forces are balanced, which makes your swimming more effective, allows you to overcome long distances, and increases your results.

It is designed to not overload the freediver’s neck, especially the beginners. Due to the special shape and material, the collar allows you to bring your hands together above your head. A flexible system of extra weights follows the movement of the dorsal vertebrae, without restricting the swimmer’s movement. Тhere are special silicon inserts that make the collar fit your neck comfortably, removing the load from the collarbone.

The design of the Lobster allows you not to worry about the possible water resistance. Hydrodynamic properties of the sinker, due to its shape and material, negate the disturbance of water flow, allowing you to concentrate on diving.