Lobster Gift Certificate

Lobster Gift Certificate



Make a perfect gift for your freediving buddy.

Gifts are hard to make because you are always afraid the person won't like them, that's why a big part of the population chooses to give money! But there is no excitement in that. That's why the Lobster Weight Gift Certificate is the perfect present! You have the excitement of choosing a gift for yourself that is already paid for! 

Choose a Lobster Weight Gift Certificate, choose to give excitement.

How does it work:

- Choose the amount you’d like and make a standard order on our SHOP.

- You will receive an email confirmation of your payment and an electronic Lobster Weight Gift Certificate with the unique number.

- Send the received Lobster Certificate to the person you want to congratulate.

What does it include:

- Lobster Weight Gift Certificate can be used on Lobster Weight products, presented in the SHOP. 

- Lobster Weight Gift Certificate does not include any tax or fees that may appear during the delivery of after purchased goods.

- Lobster Weight Gift Certificate expires in 2 years from the day of purchase.

- Lobster Weight Gift Certificate cannot be applicable for returns or refunds.

- If the value of the desired goods exceeds the nominal value of the Certificate, write us to [email protected] and an invoice for the additional payment will be issued.

Now you know what is the perfect GIFT for a freediver, so make it, it’s so simple!