News & Deals

15 Apr 2022, 12:32

We will inform you regularly about the countries in which the nearest shipment goes to.

11 Apr 2022, 15:05

Here we are, Lobster Weight, the small team behind your favorite neck weight, casually training to become professional freedivers.

7 Apr 2022, 17:24

That's what we love about him, the confidence, style, swagger, he is a huge star in the making, and you should remember the name, Nico Guzman.

4 Apr 2022, 18:52

On the 5th and 6th of March in Rijeka, Croatia took place the AIDA Croatia National Championship which was organized by Lobster Weight Ambassador Vitomir Maričić.

25 Mar 2022, 15:50

We got a lot of questions lately regarding our presence at this year's EUDI SHOW, and we wanted to inform you that unfortunately, we won't be present at this year's event

24 Mar 2022, 12:30

We here at Lobster Weight have a special product, a neck weight in the colors of the Ukraine flag, and we decided that 20 of every flag sold will go to charities helping Ukrainian refugees in Moldova.

22 Mar 2022, 15:17

Spring is upon us and it feels like a good time for our traditional BIG DEAL you like so much! Free worldwide shipping while ordering 2 Lobster Neck Weight full sets of any size and color!

18 Mar 2022, 15:03

We will inform you regularly about the countries in which the nearest shipment goes to.

18 Mar 2022, 12:28

PANTONE Very Peri is a symbol of the global zeitgeist, of the moment and the transition we are going through in 2022.

15 Mar 2022, 18:00

Beginners had an excellent opportunity to try themselves in competitive freediving, and professional freedivers had a big platform to showcase their improved results.

28 Feb 2022, 17:15

With the situation escalating in our region, there may be a delay in the deliveries of Lobster Weight products with EMS , UPS and TNT services, but this services are still working and receive the parcels we transfer for shipping by ground.

22 Feb 2022, 12:57

We continue to introduce our followers to the people that helped make Lobster what it is today. Please give it up for Matthieu Duvault!