We have not published your videos from freediving trainings for a long time. So, we are fixing it!

11 Aug 2021, 16:54

By this one, in order to have an excellent and productive training it takes:

- one freediver who wants to improve his results

- one swimming pool with an excellent and inspiring view

- one best neck weight - Lobster, which you can customize to your mood and adjust the necessary weight for today's training.

What your perfect freediving training does not go without? Write in the comments and share with us videos of your trainings, we will gladly publish them!

Thanks for credits @swim_g.morning

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Lobster Weight at AIDA Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2021
Lobster Neck Weight continues his sponsorship trip and this time we sponsor AIDA Freediving New Zealand Pool Nationals 2021
Lobster getting on the Green Side
Year 2021 became the time of acknowledgement for all of us - from personal to global.