Sunrise red is HERE!

14 Jun 2017, 14:45

Not only did the Lobster obtain a new color, it also got a new material which is softer and better applying on the body of the diver.

Lobster can be adjusted by the diver’s desired weight. Lobster consists of the main neck piece (2.5 kg) and 5 adjustable segments (100 to 500 grams). The removable sections fixing system, the wide variety of weights, as well as the overall anatomic design makes Lobster the most convenient of all devices for diving.

What is Lobster Silicone Grease???
Lobster Weight silicone grease was made to make sure your Lobster will last longer!
Your Lobsters are on their way to you!
We got new world records, new champions, new national records, and lots of personal bests results. So, let's dive into the best moment of AIDA Freediving
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