12 Jul 2022, 16:51

We are proud to present our newest product, the Lobster Weight Hard Case.

A bag is good, but a case is even better. Not a simple case, a hard case, a shockproof case, with a waterproof sponge, excellent for traveling, and also, it just looks good.

Imagine how cool you would like with this case in your freediving community, people are going to be intrigued, they will want to become your friends, you can even find your other half, and all of that just because of a hard case, cmon, there is too much to like about it. 

This is a very handy product! You might not like to carry your Lobster in the training bag after a freediving session, sometimes it could drench the bag, and that's not something you want, that's why we got the perfect solution for you!

IMPORTANT:Our newest product is going to be available at first only for the owners or future owners of a Lobster XS, Lobster Full Set Small, and Lobster Full Set Medium. If you have a Lobster Full Set Large and you would like a Lobster Weight Hard Case, feel free to contact us at [email protected], and we will make sure to get you something special!

We know how much you love your Lobster, so treat it right. Buy it a home, make your Lobster happy, you have to compete with it a lot, don't forget about that, so keep it satisfied with the Lobster Weight Hard Case.

What is Lobster Silicone Grease???
Lobster Weight silicone grease was made to make sure your Lobster will last longer!
Your Lobsters are on their way to you!
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