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11 Apr 2022, 15:05

Here we are, Lobster Weight, the small team behind your favorite neck weight, casually training to become professional freedivers. 

Most of you know about Dmitrii Voloshin, the creator, the mastermind behind the Lobster Weight System, an accomplished athlete, and as he would say himself an “alright”  freediver, but his love and passion for the sport are equal to none. That's how Lobster Weight was built from the beginning, a wild idea from a wildman, that gets to be enjoyed by tens of thousands, and now by yours truly, as well.

Although we have been constantly working with freedivers over the past years, asking for your advice and working with athletes to improve our products and services, we still lacked practical knowledge. We have long wanted to change this and take a course of pool training, but everytime transferred this moment because of some factors. And so, we finally began our freediving activity, decided to conquer our fears and feel what it means to be a real freediver.

This was our first session and just the beginning of our journey, the journey we would like to take you on with us. 

We will be very grateful for your advice and practical tricks on how we can improve our results. We will continue to create our new Lobster products along with top athletes, as we did before, but now, we hope, we will be able to understand much better what freediving is in practice.

Share your experience with us, support us! We are specialists in completely different areas, but we want to become better and develop in a completely new direction for us!

Our basic course will begin very soon and we will show and tell you how our, hopefully long and interesting way to freediving begins.

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Lobster Weigh Team is still on the right course!
The Lobster Weight dream team continues their freediving journey and tests a new Lobster Weight product.
Netflix debuted the highly anticipated documentary Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive the journey of the freediver Johanna Nordblad who attempts to break the Guinness world record for distance traveled under the ice with one breath.