20 Jul 2022, 17:25

Last chance!

As we announced, starting with the 1st of August, the prices on all Lobster Weight products will increase by 10%.

So, if you want to secure the best pool neck weight at the LOWEST PRICE it will ever be, now is absolutely the time. 

Make a present for your freediving buddy, surprise them with a Lobster, or tell a friend about the end of an era. We had these prices for a long time,  we are thankful for each and every one of you that purchased a Lobster neck Weight. You are all absolutely magnificent, and together we move on to bigger and better things. 

Catch the last glance of Lobster's old prices, and don't become one of those people that constantly use the phrase "Oh, it was cheaper then" 

It's still cheap now, that's your chance!

Love you and don't forget to dive like no other with Lobster Weight!

What is Lobster Silicone Grease???
Lobster Weight silicone grease was made to make sure your Lobster will last longer!
Your Lobsters are on their way to you!
We got new world records, new champions, new national records, and lots of personal bests results. So, let's dive into the best moment of AIDA Freediving
A new and unique weight system, specifically designed for pool freediving, leaning toward beginners. Lobster XS can be used for training and competitions, it's not adjustable and has a fixed weight.