18 Feb 2020, 18:45

New Lobster record! Sunday, February 9th, at Sondrio, on the occasion of the national qualifying competition of dynamic apnea with and without tools called “13° Trofeo loris pozzati”,   Cristina Francone, with the distance of 225 m, has established the new Italian record of apnea with dynamics (DYNP) in a 25 meter pool, using Lobster weight.  


Lobster is working.
The good news is that the Lobster team is working remotely from home as the rest of the world, which means that we still make deliveries.
Happy International Womens Day With Lobster
Lobster Team congratulates all women around the world with Womens Day. May your journey through life be light and easy just like a dive with Lobster
On one breath. Tribute to mother.
Alexey Molchanov is a nineteen-time world record holder in various freediving disciplines, twelve-time world champion broke the world record in under ice diving.