Lobster is packing his weights and dives into a new adventure. 

Starting with 28th of February till 01st of March you can meet us in Bologna, Italy. Lobster is attending the trade show EUDI Dive Show Bologna 2020.

European Dive Show displays products like sportswear and diver, spear guns, masks and goggles, to that of breathing apparatus needed for divers associated with this field etc.

You can find us there waiting for you to check out the famous Lobsters and our brand new product - Lobster Belt Weight. So grab your good mood and come meet us in Italy. 

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The number of coronavirus victims is increasing every day. Doctors are struggling to help the infected people, working almost without interruption. But there is always a way to help them.
Lobster is working.
The good news is that the Lobster team is working remotely from home as the rest of the world, which means that we still make deliveries.