The main disadvantages of the self-made freediving neck weights:

  • It is very difficult to regulate the weight of the self-made weighted collars, which the divers make out of bike tyres and calibrate them by adding 50 grams of lead shot;

  • It is uncomfortable, because the weight always shifts, which is especially critical when performing dynamic disciplines in the 25 m long pool;

  • The weight of this collar is distributed only on the neck of the diver. In this situation, the air-filled lungs lift the diver’s body to the surface, but the neck weight immerses his head deeper in the water. The diver wastes too much time and energy for balancing his body position in the water and can not relax and concentrate well on the outcome.

Each freediver knows that a neck weight is required for pool diving, so the athlete’s body doesn’t come to the surface, but rather stays in the water. This condition is necessary, so the diver doesn’t waste energy on constant diving, but rather swims forward. Ideally, the diver has to float in the water column: neither sinking nor emerging to the surface, keeping a body position as horizontal as possible.

For this reason, the Lobster Weight Team has developed a unique product, which offers comfortable conditions for swimming and improving results.

The human’s center of mass is located in the lower abdominal region, where as the center of buoyancy of the body immersed in water is located in the middle of the lung area. So, the distance apart is substantial when placed horizontally, besides the fact that it differs  between different body types. If you want to compensate this and bring balance to the scale, first thing you need to think about is weight placement.

Lobster is located closer to the point around which the buoyancy forces are balanced that makes your swimming more effective, and allows you to overcome longer distances and respectively to increase your results.

Follows the anatomy

Lobster is designed for non-overloading the freediver’s neck. Due to the special shape and material, the collar allows you to bring your hands together above your head. A flexible system of extra weights follows the movement of the dorsal vertebrae, without restricting the swimmer’s movement.  Тhere are special silicon inserts that make the collar fit your neck comfortably, removing the load from the collarbone.


The design of the Lobster allows you not to worry about the possible water resistance.
Hydrodynamic properties of the sinker, due to it’s shape and material, negate the disturbance of water flow, allowing you to concentrate on diving.

Custom weight

Let's see how we can costomize lobster by the needful weight гыштп the Full Set Medium example (это мое). System consists of base 2,5 kg and additional 5 segments (500, 400, 300, 200, 100 g), you will be able to adapt the weight of the collar to your needs. Currently the weight of the load might change from 100 g to 500 g. Total weight of Lobster is 4 kg.

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New CMAS World Record by Nataliia Zharkova
In the two final days of the 4th World Outdoor Freediving Championship of the World Underwater Federation (CMAS) held on August 10 and 11, 2019 in Roatán, Honduras, 3 new world records were recorded.
Freediving Neck Weight Systems Testing
Knowing how difficult it is to achieve just the right kind of weighting with a freediving weight system, while keeping it comfortable, the Lobster Weight Team decided to conduct an entertaining experiment to see how useful the neck weight is and how important it could be for freedivers.
LOBSTER in the world
This time, Lobster Freediving Weight is setting a new record: the geographical one. Athletes from all over the world, including: Europe, Australia, USA, Argentina and even New Zealand, use our unique freediving weight neck. Just like the sportsmen, we cant stand still, we are moving forward, and due to DHL partnership, we are moving fast and in all directions!