Hello friends, today we would like to look back at the event that was held by our friends the Belarus Freediving association on November 17-18, 2018 in which we took place as partners and gifted away 2 Full Set Lobster weights for 1st places in both Men & Women totals. We would like to congratulate the winers.

Male standings:

1st place - Zaikin Aliaksandr, setting a national record of 175 meters in the DNF,

2nd place - Kliots Kanstantsin,

3rd place - Ratajak Tomasz.

Women standings:

1st place - Kalska Agnieszka,

2nd place - Kalinina Olga, setting 2! national records! 100 meters in DNF, and 150 in DYN,

3rd place - Gorelik Yuzhenya.

Congratulations to all the competitors, this was a great all-around event. By the way, all the national records were set in Lobster Weight Systems. We would like to thank and congratulate all the competitors, organizers & judges for taking a part in this marvelous event. We're hoping you liked it and we'll see you next year again.

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