Lobster Neck Weight products will include the tax for EU customers.

Good news for the EU country customers! Now you can purchase our products on lobsterweight.com at a price that already includes the import tax. The final cost of the order will be displayed on the website and in the product description.


According to the international rules of trade, the goods purchased by Europeans from countries outside EU should be taxed. Before now, when receiving the purchases, our EU customers had to spend their time solving issues regarding taxes and duties. But now we have taken this responsibility. Therefore, when placing an order, EU customers will make only one payment on the website.

Snorkeling, Skin Diving, and Freediving Whats The Difference?
There are many people that use the terms snorkeling, skin diving, and freediving interchangeably when speaking or posting photos on social media. Do not let this confuse you, as they are vastly different from each other and require different types of equipment and varying levels of skill. Some people may have their own perceptions of each activity, but there are a few generally agreed-upon definitions for these underwater pastimes lets have a closer look.
Champion Freediver William Trubridge Helps Maldives Break Guinness World Record!
Lobster Weight team congratulates on the record!World Champion Freediver William Trubridge was part of a group in the Maldives including the island nations president who helped break a Guinness World Record for the largest number of people doing a simultaneous freedive.
The results of AIDA Depth World Freediving Championship 2019.
AIDA Depth World Championships 2019, followed by freedivers from all over the world, was held in Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France on September 8-15. Competitions in this area near Nice have already become prestigious, athletes from all over the world come here to compete in freediving disciplines.