Belarus Freediving Cup 2018 with Lobster Weight Systems!

The manufacturer of Lobster Neck Weight freediving weight system has become partner of Belarus freediving cup. The sporting event will be held in Minsk, from 16 to 18 November. The championship will be conducted according to AIDA rules, with opportunities of setting world records. A total of 50 athletes will attend the competition.

The rankings will be compiled in the following disciplines:
-STA, DNF, DYN (men’s and women’s rankings);
-Overall ranking, by the total points of all disciplines (men's and women's overall standings);
-The national rankings of Belarus, by the total points of all disciplines (men's and women's overall standings).

Winners of the championship in the women's and men's categories, in the international overall standings, will receive a 4 kg Lobster Neck Weight set as a gift from the partner.

The Lobster Neck Weight system is practical and easy to use. Customers are offered various purchase options for the product, such as different colors and sizes. With the help of Lobster Neck Weight, training becomes more effective, with opportunities of setting new national and world records. This makes the product an indispensable device, both for professional freedivers and diving enthusiasts.