Individual AIDA Pool World Championships Belgrade 2018!

Hello friends,

Time has passed and the corpses of freediving achievement have rose upon us. This glorious freediving World Championship brought us a lot of joy and new names. This time we visited the Cup only as guests, but we had our share of glory through our loyal freediving friends, that have participated in Lobster Neck Weight and took all over the pool. Here are the results of the AIDA Belgrade World Cup 2018:

DNF Male 1st place - Mateusz Malina 226 M, 2nd place - Alexander Bubenchikov 217 M, 3rd place - Vitomir Maricic 209 M.

DNF Female 1st place - Magdalena Solich-Talanda 178 M, 2nd place - Julia Kozerska 173 M , 3rd place - Mirela Kardasevic 168 M.

DYN Male 1st place - Alexander Bubenchikov 289 M, 2nd place - Petar Klovar 212 M, 3rd place - Mateusz Malina 203 M.

DYN Female 1st place - Magdalena Solich - Talanda 243 M, 2nd place - Julia Kozerska 233 M, 3rd place - Mirela Kardasevic 230 M.

STA Male 1st place - Goran Čolak 9:45 , 2nd place -  Peter Durdik 9:22 , 3rd place - Mateusz Malina 8:46.

STA Female 1st place - Veronika Dittes 8:07, 2nd place - Yuriko Ichihara 7:06, 3rd place - Anna-Marie Christiansen 6:38.

check out the cool photos that we made! with a big thanks to artowful agency!