CMAS 10th World Championship 2018!

Hello guys, last week gave us an enormous amount of emotions  from 10th CMAS Apnea Indoor World Championship. This time competition was held  in Lignano Sabbiadoro at the Bella Italia Sports Village from 11 to 17 of June.  Competition is growing year to year and on this one where represented 24 national teams.

 Competition was featured by 7 disciplines 

1. Dynamic Apnea with Monofin (DYN)

2. Dynamic Apnea with Bi-Fins (DYN BF)

3. Dynamic Apnea without Fins (DNF)

4. Static Apnea (STA)

5. 100 m Speed Apnea

6. 8×50 m Endurance Apnea

7. 16×50 m Endurance Apnea

Watching this tournament was even better seeing success of freedivers that used Lobster neck weight. We are congratulating every freedivier that attended 10th CMAS Apnea Indoor World Championship wishing all the best!

Next we would like to show you some videos with results that sportsmen achieved with Lobster Neck Weight:

First of all, well known multiple records holder and world champion Goran Colak from Croatia, that took 2 gold and 1 silver medal, one of the gold medals he won in STA, next

279,00 m GOLD Medal DYN (monofin)

And result of 256,93 mt SILVER Medal for DYN(bi-fins)

Next medalist is beautiful Mirela Kardasevic from Croatia, she took 2 medals 1 gold and 1 silver

Gold medal with result 170,30 mt  in DNF 

And silver medal in DYN(monofin) with 235,80 mt

And finally we would like to introduce you to Natalia Ovodova, she’s got 1 bronze medal in DYN(bi-fins) with result 212,07 mt

Congratulations to the champions & all the participants! To see full results check next link:

Here are some photos from tournament! May the Lobster be with you!