World Oceans Day

Hello guys, today we are celebrating a great day named World Oceans Day.This holiday takes its history from 1992 when it was established at the Earth Summit and since that day we celebrate it on 8 of June. In 2008 GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE UNITED NATIONS declared that from 2009 World Oceans Day will be celebrated officially.

At the 8 of June people all other the world  are protecting marine dwellers and stable ecological situation from human activity that leads to pollution and depletion of fish stocks. The theme for these year Ocean Day is pollution control of plastic wastes and solutions to ensure the health of the oceans.

Plastic pollution causes irreparable damage to marine ecosystems.

80% of plastic wastes got into the oceans from land.

8 million tons of plastic annually falls into the ocean

Per year 1 million seabirds and 100 thousand mammals dies from plastic pollution 

The fish that falls on our table eats plastic.

The economic damage from plastic pollution is 8 billion dollars a year.

We are calling you not to ignore such problem that exists in our world and to help each other make oceans cleaner so we could take our snorkel, mask, Lobster Mini and  have more fun exploring the aquatic world.

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. © Arthur C. Clarke


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