Boot Dusseldorf 2018 with Lobster!

Hello friends, one of our representatives visited the boot Düsseldorf show. It was a very large expo with a large specter of equipment and everything that can come up to your mind of the aquatic world. And when we say it we mean it! On the space of 220 000 square meters was a really high number of exhibitors, 1923 to be exact and on top of all that they were from 68 countries. The guests didn't fail to amaze us either, a number of 247 000 visitors just popped our eyes out when we saw it! You could find almost everything or anyone there, from simple weights of 1$ up to Luxurious Yachts of 6 digit prices, and the worlds most notorious, famous or just respected entrepreneurs. Altogether it was one of the most amazing expos that we ever saw. Our short appearance didn't went unnoticeable. We made a lot of new friends and new partners that will help us in the near future to enlarge our product line and move on in the freediving & aquatic world with our product. Hope to see you here next year! Stay tuned for more! And don't forget to breath!