XIV Polish Freediving Pool Championships with Lobster!

Hello friends,
We would like to invite you on the 30 June to the XIV Polish Freediving Pool Championships. Where Lobster Weight will be sponsors and we’ll be giving away one red Full Set Lobster for FREE! The competition will be held in accordance with AIDA Rules Athletes will compete in the following disciplines:

Dynamic with Fins (DYN)
Dynamic without Fins (DNF)
Static Apnea (STA)
The DYN session will take place on Friday at the 50 m pool. The Static and DNF sessions will be held on Saturday, at the 25 m pool. In the dynamic sessions athletes will be starting on 4 lines simultaneously (lines 1 and 10 are not going to be used in the competition), in static 5 athletes will be starting at a given time.

Registration: http://bmp.free-diving.pl/en