XIV Polish Freediving Pool Championships!

Hello friends,

On June 30 and July 1 took place the XIV Polish Freediving Pool Championships, which we sponsored and gifted away a Full Set Lobster, and 2 Vouchers on 50% discount for Full Set Lobster. We would like to congratulate the winners Kamil Selwa on winning the Full Set Lobster , Mateusz Malina and Magdalena Solich on winning the 50% discount vouchers. This event brought us a NEW WORLD RECORD in DNF Apnea Version 191 Meters by Magdalena Solich. Congratulations Magdalena Solich! Also a few national records. Congratulations to Mateusz Malina with setting a NEW NATIONAL RECORD by AIDA version in STA time 8:43, and Ekaterina Sadurskaya setting a NEW NATIONAL RECORD in DYN 174 Meters by AIDA version. A big thanks to every participant, organizer and staff for this event. See you next year on the XV Polish Freediving Pool Championships!