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Full Set Lobster 2.0


Full Set Lobster 2.0

We considered customer reviews and released a new product with a more convenient form. Lobster 2.0 was created so as to exclude any discomfort in the process of using the product, especially discomfort for athlete’s clavicle.

The new  Lobster 2.0 enlarged version system consists of base 1,5 kg and additional 5 segments (500, 400, 300, 200, 100 g), so that you can adapt the collar weight to your needs.

The kit includes: 

- 7 pcs rubber plugs

-  special carry bag

The total weight of Lobster 2.0 is 3 kg.


Starting April 1, the product will be available for pre-order. Within a week after the date of purchase, we will dispatch you Lobster 2.0!

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